🚩 Can I buy just the lamp or the housing on its own?
Unless otherwise specified on the product page on our site, all of our lamp modules come complete with the lamps and housingwe do not stock the individual parts.

🚩 Do you sell anything else, like ballasts or color wheels?
Unfortunately, we only sell lamp and housing units.

🚩  How long is the warranty on your products?
"Original Bulb Inside" series lamp modules come with a 270 days warranty; "Premium Quality OEM" series lamp modules come with a 180 days warranty (some product warranties may vary, check the individual product page for more information) covering problems due to defective materials or workmanship provided by Terzomen. The warranty period begins on the date of shipment.​
Should you have any RMA issues, please contact us so you can be set up with a return for a replacement or a refund.

🚩 How long do these lamps last?
Lamp lifetime varies by a number of factors (model and age of television/projector, regular usage), but most units are rated around 2000+ hours.

🚩 On your website, the description of my lamp says "OEM Bulb with Generic Housing" The lamp I received is an OSRAM, even though Sony says it should be a PHILIPS. Is this a problem?
All of our lamps come from one of the following major lamp manufacturers and are considered OEM: PHILIPSOSRAMUSHIOPHOENIX. Though a different lamp may be in there, we ensure that the best lamp possible for your television/projector is sent to you. If, however, this is a problem, please feel free to contact us and we will help you return it for a refund.


🚩 When will my package be shipped out?

  • If your item is in stock, your order is estimated to ship on the next business day. Delivery will depend on your destination.
  • If your item is back-ordered or pre-ordered, we will estimate your item’s shipping date before you place your order. 

🚩 How to track the shipment?

  • All of our shipping within the United States is done through Amazon (FBA) or DHL.You can visit the order status page to check the progress of your order as it's fulfilled. When the order's shipping status is updated, you will receive the confirmation and shipping status by email or SMS text.
    The type of notification you will receive depends on the contact information you entered at checkout.

🚩 Does the date of purchase count as the first business day?
No. The first business day of shipping would be its first full day in transit.(Example: A package ships out Monday. Tuesday will be considered the first business day, Wednesday the second, etc.)